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Highmark makes every effort to provide Web-based products and services that provide comparable access to all users. We continue to add new features to improve the accessibility of our site and follow many of the available standards. However, it is not possible to do so in all areas of the site. If you use assistive technology to access the Web and encounter problems when using our site, please let us know.

Write to:

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
P.O. Box 226
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

We will attempt to provide the information to you in a suitable format.

If you prefer to call customer service, our number is 1-800-294-9568. TTY users call 1-800-988-0668.

Access Keys

On pages supported with access keys, use the keyboard and the following key combinations to jump to a specific part of a web page:

Access Key Internet Explorer Key Combinations FireFox Key Combinations
Contact Us ALT + C ALT + SHIFT + C
Accessibility Page ALT + G ALT + SHIFT + G
Help ALT + L ALT + SHIFT + L
Login Box ALT + I ALT + SHIFT + I
Logo ALT + M ALT + SHIFT + M
Logout ALT + O ALT + SHIFT + O
Site Map ALT + S ALT + SHIFT + S

Text Size and Color Scheme

If you are experiencing problems reading text on certain Web pages, you may want to increase the font size or change the color scheme of your Web browser. Please refer to your Web browser's instructions to make these modifications.

Standards Compliance

Highmark adheres to World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) standards and verifies accessibility compliance through user testing. To learn more about the regulations governing the accessibility of federal electronic information products visit the official Section 508 site.


For help with other products, visit their accessibility page:

Thanks for using the Highmark web site.